I felt as though all the world were crumbling beneath my feet...

An explanation of Superhero movies by Max Black

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i think the most painful thing about being multifandom is that you don’t know what to name your kids

if by kids you mean cats then yes.

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"It’s romantic, it’s got passion, it’s-"
“It’s about you!”

“At our studio we don’t write our stories, we draw them.”
Walt Disney and his artists storyboarding, which initially was a process developed at the Walt Disney Studios during the early 1930s.

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Duet - Glen Keane

get to know me meme : [5/5] favorite films → the avengers

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"Eva has this fierceness and ferocity in her expression. Together with her sharp features, it makes her the perfect Maria. I can see her in that role much better than the actual actress."

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House Targaryen

Jean Louis Sabaji

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